About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog, “Girl, Do the Thing”. My name is Anna and I live in North Carolina. I was born and raised in Charlotte, but recently started school at a State University pursuing Landscape Architecture. I have a few passions, which I intend to share with you later, but for starters, I enjoy all things Jesus, travel, food, design, exercise, and plants. I have created this blog to document my journey of finding and expressing my passions, as well as overcoming the obstacles that keep me from “Doing the Thing” I so desire. If you are anything like me, there have been plenty of obstacles and road blocks keeping you from pursuing your passions 100%. I hope this blog helps you overcome those obstacles just as I am overcoming my own obstacles in pursuit of becoming the woman God called me to be. I am beyond delighted to share this journey with you and I hope you’ll stick around. In the mean time, Girl, Do the Thing.



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