Girl, Do the Workout

“She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.”

-Proverbs 31:17

“You don’t get the [butt] you want by sitting on it.”

-Rebekka Spiller

Squats, crunches, pushups, lunges, jumping jacks, repeat. Sounds easy enough, right? It’s nothing crazy that’s for sure. But between having a job during the week and using my free time to catch up with friends and family, finding time to workout is my biggest obstacle. Maybe it’s yours, too. If so, I have a solution for you! Lately, I’ve come up with this routine that’s helped me to still get a few exercise moves in before the day is over and done with. Getting up and working out before work is impossible for me. I am not a morning person. Maybe you aren’t either. So that leaves afternoons/evenings to workout. But if I have to work, odds are I will be extremely tired when I get home. It seems like I’m stuck in a cycle of not working out! Ahh. What can I do?! I make do. If I know I won’t be able to make it to the gym, or even have a feeling I won’t want to go, I make do. The make-do routine I’ve found that I really enjoy consists of this:

  • 100 squats while brushing your teeth, both in the morning and at night. Since squats don’t require the use of your hands (which are occupied anyway), this is a perfect wake me up to get the blood flowing to your glutes and legs. Plus, this forces you to actually brush your teeth for close to a full 2 minutes, benefitting not only your butt and legs, but your mouth, too!
  • 200 crunches every night. I will admit, there are a few mornings I wake up and realize I forgot to do my crunches the previous night. Do I move on without doing them? NO. I do them that morning before breakfast. 200 crunches might sound daunting, but it really is simpler than you think. The way I tackle 200 crunches is by doing 50 crunches 4 times. To be completely honest, I play candy crush while doing my crunches at night. It takes 5-10 minutes (depending on how distracted I am) and then I’m finished and can crawl into bed.
  • 50-75 pushups a day. Typically, I do my pushups first thing when I get out of bed. Disclaimer: I do women pushups aka pushups from the knees, not the toes. Again, this just gets the blood flowing to my arms muscles. The amount depends on how active my arms were at work the day before. I do a lot of heavy lifting, so if my arms are already sore, I usually stick with 50 instead of 75.
  • 100 lunges. To be completely honest, I don’t do lunges daily. I do them maybe 2-3 times a week. Maybe. These take a little longer than squats, so if I plan on doing lunges, I need to give myself a few extra minutes, either at night or in the morning. Typically, doing the lunges at night before I get in bed benefits my schedule better. I like to do 100 lunges, 50 each leg, but feel free to add or subtract to your body’s needs. The first time I did 100 lunges consecutively, I think my legs hurt for 5 whole days. Lunges work ladies! They elevates my heart rate, but they don’t make me too sweaty before I get in bed.
  • Jumping jacks. 150 every day. These are seriously fun and can be done anytime, anywhere. Do you make eggs for breakfast? Do you toast a bagel? Make a smoothie? Whatever you make for breakfast in the morning, do 150 jumping jacks before you eat, or even while your food is cooking!

In summary, my morning routine consists of 50 pushups when I get out of bed, 150 jumping jacks while my food is cooking, and 100 squats while I’m brushing my teeth after breakfast.

Then, my evening routine consists of 100 more squats while brushing my teeth for bed, 100 lunges, 50 each leg, and 200 crunches.

This mini workout routine has nothing on going to the gym and seriously pumping some iron or even going to a yoga class. There are many, many benefits to those kinds of workouts, too! But for the purpose of this blog, we’re just focusing on a mini workout routine for when you feel as if you don’t have time to get a full workout in. Overall, the morning exercises take 15 minutes, maybe. And remember! While you’re doing these exercises, you’re also doing productive things, like brushing your teeth & cooking your breakfast. So it’s not a wasted 15 minutes. At night, the exercises take maybe another 15 minutes. But if you do them quickly, with good form, you could shave off a few minutes, if need be.

As noted in the scripture for today, a woman who fears the Lord dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong. So girl, do your pushups! Have you ever heard of being a Proverbs 31 woman? If not, you should look into Proverbs 31: 10-31. It talks about the characteristics of a Godly woman. If the Bible says that a Godly woman (and wife) has strong arms, then I say we start making our arms strong. Whether or not you believe in becoming a Godly woman, I think you can still make your arms strong. A little arm muscle never hurt anybody! (Unless you have no control over the actions and strength of your arms. But that’s an issue for another day.) Personally, I think a little muscle tone on a woman is cute and even somewhat sexy. If guys can have nicely sculpted arms, so can we! We just have to put in the work. Similarly, the quote today says we won’t get the butt we want by sitting on it. I think a lot of girls dream about having a really perky and cute butt. One that looks good in work pants, athletic shorts, leggings, a bathing suit for crying out loud, as well as both jean pants and jean shorts. I know I do. This quote definitely speaks to me. It’s why I chose it for today’s blog. Too many days I sit at the kitchen counter planning my workout, wasting time, instead of actually working out. Unless you get off your butt and work out your glutes, your butt will stay the same. Maybe you like your current butt, maybe you don’t. Either way, your butt will never improve unless you put in work. So girl, do your squats.

I hope these morning & evening exercises help motivate you to strengthen your muscles even when you feel you don’t have time. I want you to overcome that obstacle and excuse of not having time. You have time if you really want to have time. I believe you can easily incorporate these moves into your daily routine without the need to wake up earlier! Not only do my muscles feel good after doing the moves, but my brain and whole body feels a lot happier. I know that I am making a difference, no matter how small. So girl, do the thing today!

P.S. – If not knowing what to do once you get to the gym is holding you back from going to the gym, here is my favorite at-home workout. It targets your arms, abs, legs, back, and even has a little cardio! Usually I don’t actually do this at home, but I’ll do it at the gym (or outside if it’s a nice day!!). Something about doing a workout in my living room when the couch is right there just doesn’t motivate me like I wish it did. But at the same time, I hate going to the gym not knowing what to do there and feeling intimidated by all the people who do know what they’re doing. So here’s a solution to your obstacle of not knowing what to do! And if you hate this workout, go on Pinterest. You will most definitely find a workout on there that you enjoy & that motivates you.



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  1. Girl, You really have to work out to get that great body you desire. It may not be perfect, but just great is a whole new testimony. 6 months ago, I was really chubby and happy with myself for adding up just the way I wanted to. A month later, the fat moved into my stomach and other parts of my body- I had fewer clothes to wear and still feel comfortable and confident in. Gradually, I started feeling bad about my body and had to start working out in bits. I went for short walks, long walks, brisk walks and got a skipping rope, I went hiking and did lots of squats and in 2 months, the result has been really impressive and since I have only Saturdays free, I can’t skip working out on just the way i’m comfortable with. The gym is far away, I spend a lot of time in traffic and I’m grateful and excited that I can do these things alone and achieve positive results.
    The body you desire depends on the efforts you make to achieve it.
    Thanks for sharing Anna,

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