Girl, Get Your Gals

“Iron sharpens iron, and one [wo]man sharpens another.”

– Proverbs 27:17

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

– Helen Keller

To be completely honest, I don’t even know where to start with this blog. I’ve stared at this page for going on two weeks not sure how to put into words how incredible my gal pals are. So I’ll just say this: nothing in the entire world compares to a gal pal. Near or far, having gal pals is literally the most rewarding relationship. I genuinely cannot imagine my life without the group of girls I am blessed to call my friends. If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about a few of the gals in your life that you cherish and wouldn’t trade for the world. And I hope you are! There are girls in my life that I would never trade for anything, too. To be completely real with y’all, the past two weeks have been some of the hardest 14 days of my life – I experienced 3 unexpected losses between family and close friends. Talk about an earth shattering few weeks. But let me tell you about my gal pals. They have absolutely sharpened my iron these past 2 weeks. My iron was as dull as a pencil with an eraser on each end; I literally felt like I had no point. The heaviness of these two weeks crushed me. But these girls picked me up and breathed life into me. And they continue to sharpen my iron, every. single. day. I would not be writing this blog to you with such an optimistic outlook on life if it weren’t for them. I am so thankful these girls are walking through this dark season of my life with me. It seems less dark with the right girls by my side. Over the past two weeks, I have come to realize just how important a girls night out (or in) is to your health, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You might be thinking, “I like a good girls night, but it’s not that important. Is it?” WELL, I’m so glad you asked. Here are 4 reasons why having a regular GNO(I) with your gal pals is CRITICAL.

  • Physically – Let’s start here. These 3 losses hit me hard. I felt sick to my stomach for 4 whole days. I barely ate. I lost 5 pounds in those 4 days. That’s not healthy. And so my girls took action. They constantly reminded me that I needed to be eating. They asked me if I had eaten that day and if I hadn’t eaten a sufficient amount, they gently reminded me I needed to eat more. I am really thankful for that. On another physical note, they kept me moving. When I had a chance to sit down and really think about the losses that just hit me, I lost it. So these girls kept me physically active. We’ve gone dancing, we went hiking, we’ve had game nights, we went for night drives, etc. These girls have kept me on my feet physically to allow me to continue taking steps in the right direction. And that’s what gal pals are for. They are there to physically lift you up and get you on your feet when you feel as if you don’t have the strength. Gal pals can seriously make a difference for your physical state.
  • Emotionally – These two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. Some days I wake up and I feel good. I know that God is in control and my emotions seem in check. That feeling lasts longer some days than others. The first 3 days of this two week period, I was with my gals 24/7. We had sleepovers, we went to the store together, we just sat and watched tv together. They tended to my emotional state by letting me cry and by providing me the opportunity to let those emotions out. They reminded me that it’s absolutely okay (and completely normal) to grieve and to mourn these losses, but it’s not okay to stay in that grief. I needed more than anything to hear that. I just wanted to cry and to feel all those emotions. And that’s fine, to a certain degree. So these girls made sure that my emotional state was healthy. This allowed me to feel these feelings, but not to dwell on them. And for that, I’m thankful. They allowed me to be a mess, but a controlled mess. Again, that’s what gal pals are for. They tend to your emotional state when you feel emotioanlly confused and lost.
  • Spiritually – Oh man. These girls = gifts from the Lord. In this time of grief, I needed the Lord (and still do) to come and fill that void in my heart. And these girls pointed me straight to the Lord. They continually prayed for me and my situations. In a lot of ways I was (and still am) confused. God, why did you take these people away from me? I love these people. But these girls were constantly speaking truth into my life. They reminded me there is a purpose for every person and every situation. God has a plan. I don’t understand his plan and I don’t need to. The Lord knows, so I don’t have to know. I mentioned to one of my friends it’s like sitting in the passenger seat of a car while the Lord drives, blindfolded. Technically speaking, there’s absolutely no reason for me to see the road because the driver, the Lord, sees the road. Of course that makes me anxious and nervous not being able to see where we’re going, but that’s life. Sometimes the Lord makes turns that we don’t understand and we don’t see why, but he does. And that’s all that matters. The Lord always takes care of those who love him. So whatever happens next, I know there’s healing and I’ll be happy and whole again. I wouldn’t be able to sit here and declare that truth without the love and support of these ladies. Good gal pals push you to the Lord in both the bad and the good times. If you don’t have a few of those, ask the Lord to place some into your life. I will forever be thanking the Lord for placing these girls into my life.
  • Mentally – 3 losses in a very short period of time is a lot to accept and understand. And I still don’t fully understand. But these girls built me up. One thing I learned over the past few days is that the battle going on outside can be controlled by what’s going on inside. If your insides are raging and stormy, the outside is going to be raging and stormy, too. In order to get a grip on the outside, you first have to get a grip on your inside. That meant focusing myself on other things, like this blog, bettering myself, school, work, etc, instead of the losses. A lot of the physical battles we face, are mental, too. If you have a good mental outlook, the war raging on the outside doesn’t seem so bad. If these girls hadn’t set me on the right track mentally, I would be having mini panic attacks daily. For a few days, I did. I would struggle to breathe, my insides felt like they were closing up. But these girls, like all great gal pals, brought me back to reality. When your mental state seems to be a raging war, gal pals are there to knock on that mental door and bring you back to reality. Thanks to these girls reminding me of the truth daily and telling me to focus on the betterment of myself, I was able to get a grip mentally on this war. And when your mental state is stable, your outside state will be stable, too.

As you can see, these girls have been my support. They sharpened my iron when I so desperately needed the sharpening. They walked with me in the dark. And I don’t think I could say thank you enough. I might not be fully out of the dark, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to these gals. The Lord knows what he’s doing when he places gal pals into your life. You might not know the reason, but he sure does. And the reason for them being in your life is always greater than you can image, because God knows best. Girl, if you’re reading this, get your gals. Plan a game night, a movie night, a dance night, a Sunday brunch, anything! Just be with your gals. They can rejuvenate you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The stress, anxiety, and strain of every day life can really play a toll on a gal. When your iron seems dull, get your gals. If they’re anything like mine, they’re more than happy to take care of you for a few days. But don’t wait until you’re in desperate need of them. Plan regular girls nights for your all around health. Your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional state will thank you for it! And so will your gals. Girls nights don’t just benefit you, they benefit your gals, too. You never know how desperately your gals might need a girls night, too. So girl, share this blog with them right now to remind them you’re in dire need of a girls night. Girl, get your gals! What are you waiting for?



P.s. – to all my gal pals that are far away, you know who you are & I am just as thankful for your presence in my life as I am these Raleigh gals!! Thanks for letting me lean on you, even from a distance. Much love 💕

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