Girl, Trust the Lord

“Relying on God has to start all over everyday, as if nothing has yet been done.”

C. S. Lewis

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

“The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.”

Exodus 14:14

I am absolutely exhausted. I’m fighting fights the Lord has already won. I’m anxious over day to day stresses the Lord has already conquered. I’m worrying about a future the Lord has already planned. I’m praying prayers the Lord has already answered. No wonder I’m exhausted! Last time I checked, I wasn’t God. So who am I to take the things the Lord has in his hands and put them into my hands? A sinner, that’s who.

I know full well that the Lord has control of every last worry, every last fear, and every last dream of mine. My entire life is in his hands. I know this deep in my soul. But sometimes my brain acts and reacts as if it doesn’t know that truth. And this robs me of the joy found in resting in Jesus. I can’t be happy and appreciative if I’m fighting so hard.

Do you find yourself in the same boat? You know the truth, but don’t always act as if you know the truth? You’re not alone! There’s such a disconnect between our hearts and our brains sometime. And I think this is normal. There are things we know in our hearts that our brains can’t fully fathom. One of those being that the Lord will fight for us, we need only be still. For our human brains, it makes logical sense to fight, not to sit and rest. We see the war going on around us. We see the things, the people, the dreams we want right there in front of us. It makes sense to fight, to reach, and to grab those things. That’s the way our human brains and eyes see the situation. But the Lord doesn’t want us to fight. He wants us to be still. He wants us to fight that urge to fight. Oof. Picture this. You’re in the middle of a battle. One side is fighting to give you the best life possible. This is the side you’re on. It’s also God’s side. But the other side, the speed bumps, the sharp turns, the bends in the roads, is fighting against you. You know that ultimately your side will win the battle because God’s side always wins. But the plot twist here is that you’re not actually fighting. You’re sitting in a bullet proof, sword proof, sound proof glass sphere. The Lord rolls you around the grounds showing you bits and pieces of the war, like battles He’s already won and battles currently raging. This is how God wants it. He wants you protected from outside the sphere because He wants you to rest with Him. He doesn’t want you fighting in the battle right there because He knows it’ll tire you out. He knows it will just drain you. And when we’re drained, we put Jesus on the back burner. That’s why He wants you to be still. Sit in the glass sphere. Soak up the time the Lord has given you to just be with Him. Learning to sit with the Lord doesn’t get easier with time. We have to practice this discipline now. So just sit with Him. Don’t fight. He promises to fight for us. And we know that. But knowing and applying are two different things. That’s where it gets tricky. You might be thinking, “How do I not fight when flaming arrows are coming straight at me?” I’m thinking that, too, sister, trust me. Our instincts are to fight (or flight). But the Lord doesn’t want us to do either. He simply wants us to sit still with Him. Again, how do we do that? I have no earthly idea. But the scriptures give us some tips.

  • First, Proverbs tells us to trust in the Lord with ALL of our heart. It doesn’t tell us to trust in the Lord with 50% of your heart. Nor does it tell us to trust in the Lord with varying percentages depending on the day. Nope! It tells us to trust in the Lord with all (100%) of our hearts. To do this, every morning I have to give up my plans, my control, and my desires to the Lord. It’s like what C.S. Lewis said in his quote. Relying on God has to start all over every day. This reeeaaallllyyy forces me to trust Him. But ya wanna know what I’m learning? He actually doesn’t fail us, despite what we may think sometimes. Each day that I trust Him, the easier it becomes. This is because He hasn’t failed and He won’t start now. Because this is who God is. He never breaks promises. So trusting in Him might seem impossible, but it’s really not. Instead of playing by your rules every day, try playing by His rules. See if He lets you down. I have a strong feeling He won’t.
  • Second, Proverbs tells us to NOT lean on our own understandings. Do you ever think you’re right only to discover you’re wrong? I’ve done it & it’s not the best feeling. But it’s because I lean on my understanding, not the Lord’s. Our understanding of the way things are will always be distorted until we get to Heaven. Our little human pea brains cannot fully comprehend everything on this earth. That’s why we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding. We might know in our hearts that the Lord will fight for us we need only be still, but our human understanding of the situation is that we need to fight, too. Sometimes we can’t see the Lord fighting, only the results of the war. This is totally fine. The Lord works in mysterious ways. But it doesn’t mean to fight. This is one of those situations where we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding because our understanding is wrong, incorrect, inaccurate, false. But the Lord’s understanding is never wrong, never incorrect, and never inaccurate. If we lean on His understanding, He will make our paths straight. That’s a promise. But we have to acknowledge Him in all our ways first. Leaning on our own ways will not reap the results of that promise. Only when we acknowledge Him, then He will make our paths straight. The same thing applies to Exodus 14:14, the Lord promises to fight for us, we need only be still. The Lord doesn’t tell us that when He starts to fight for us, then we can be still. No He asks us to be still first, knowing that the Lord will fight for us.

So that’s it. Those are the two tips for today’s blog. (1) Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart. Don’t doubt Him. Trust Him instead. And (2) Be still. Soak up the time with Jesus you have right now. Don’t worry about the war raging on outside our glass sphere. The Lord is taking care of it. Just focus on being still with Him.

What are you fighting for that’s tiring you out? The reason you’re so tired is because you’re taking fights into your own hands instead of letting the Lord fight for you. As humans, we have a fighting strength of 100. Each fight, our strength goes down. After 10 fights, we’re drained. We’re on empty. But the Lord’s strength is infinite. He can fight all the fights in the world and He won’t get tired. We do get tired, though. So doesn’t it make sense to let the Lord fight? Yes, it does! If He has the power and the strength to fight and not get tired, we should let Him fight! When we fight, we don’t accomplish anything, except tiring ourselves out. The results aren’t any better if we fight over letting the Lord fight. It’s actually the opposite. If we let the Lord fight, the results are so much better. The Lord promises. He promises to fight for us. He promises to make our paths straight. We just have to do our part; we need to trust in Him with all our hearts and be still.

If you’re tired, then girl, quit fighting. I know I need to quit, too. Be still. Trust in the Lord. He never breaks His promises, remember? So get some rest. Let the Lord do the things He’s good at. Let Him fulfill His promises. But girl, trust He will do it. It’s the best way to feel rested once again.



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