Girl, Do Something Crazy

“You only live once.”


“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

The past two weeks I decided I wasn’t going to let corona (or anything else) dictate how I live my life. In my last blog I talked specifically about living your life, despite your current circumstances. (If you didn’t read it, here’s the link. This blog, for the most part, I’ll just be sharing about what I’ve been up to and how I’m refusing to let ANYTHING other than me dictate my life. If you’re an avid reader and are familiar with my blogs, this one might look slightly different. If you’re new, welcome aboard!

Life isn’t always fair; sometimes life trips you up. Sometimes life throws things at you. Sometimes people even throw things at you! But ya gotta learn to roll with the punches, baby! I’m tired of letting people, situations, and things out of my control determine my happiness and my life.

There’s a broad range of things that I enjoy, things that bring me happiness. That list includes…

  • Exercise & Running
  • Dogs
  • Actually, animals of any sort
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Jesus, let’s not forget him!
  • Plants
  • Design
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Fashion/shoes!!
  • DIY home projects
  • Socializing

And probs more.

Sooooooo anyway I thought about which of these happiness sources that corona completely removed from my life and I realized that the answer was zero; none of these things has corona completely removed from my life. So I decided to do something crazy. Actually, 2 crazy things.

(1) I signed up for a triathlon. It’s a baby tri, so don’t go thinking I’m the hulk or anything. But it’s still a 250 meter swim, a 10 mile bike, and a 2 mile run to sum it all up. It’s in July & I am beyond pumped. I told my friend, Bailey, who has done a few of these tris (and she’s 100% my inspiration – you rock girlfriend) that the biking is most definitely going to be the death of me. I went for a bike ride the other day, 100% expecting to bike 10 miles, got 2.5 miles in and turned around. I barely made it home. Say a prayer for me, y’all, I have some training to do!! But ya know what? I’d been thinking about signing up for a tri for probably a year now. So I signed myself up. There will never ever be the perfect time for anything, for that new job, that move to a different state, that change of major, that half marathon/triathlon… the list goes on. There will never be a perfect time for any of that. You just have to decide when it’s time and go for it. And it’s time.

(2)The second crazy that I decided to do is write a book. I love reading. I always have and I think I always will. It’s so relaxing and calming, but my favorite part about reading is the journey the book takes you on. I love picking up a book and feeling as if I’m a character in the story, as if I’m there, not here. I’ve been told by a handful of people that I should write a book. I’ve thought about it, but never really thought I was up for the task. Lately, the more I’ve enjoyed writing and blogging, the more I’m finding myself really considering it. So I decided it was time for this, too. It was time to stop considering and start doing. My favorite genre is mystery, so that’s what I’m writing. Will I finish it in the next few weeks? Yes, most definitely. Will I reach out to some agents? Absolutely. Will I actually hear back from any of the agents? I have no idea, I think my chances are pretty slim from what I’ve read. And then if I do get an agent, will my book make it to a publisher and actually get published? The chances are even more slim there. But honestly, I DO NOT CARE. This is what I want to do right now and I’m gonna do it.

I’m tired of wanting something and not going after it because someone said not to, because the chances didn’t look realistic enough, because I was scared, because society deemed it as ‘not cool’, or for any other reason. Girl, stoooooooopppppp listening to other people! Don’t let people, society, even your negative self (!!! this is a big one !!!) control you and your happiness. If you want something, go after it. The purpose of this blog is to encourage other ladies to get out there and do the dang thing. I don’t know what ‘thing’ you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t done. I’m here to tell you, today is the day. Make it the day. Tomorrow is ~technically~ not a day of the week, sorry to burst your bubble. If you tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, you’ll never do it. Do it today. Whatever your thing is, no matter how crazy or unpredictable it may seem. I want you to do it. If not for me, for you. But I don’t want you to do it because someone else told you to, not even me. I don’t want you to do it because society thinks it’s cool. I don’t want you to do it for social media. Definitely don’t do it for social media. Do it for YOU. But do it to the glory of God. When I do my tri, praise the Lord for my physical abilities. If I write this book and it actually gets an agent and gets published, praise the Lord for my writing abilities. Even if it doesn’t get an agent or published, praise the Lord for my writing abilities. When you do something, don’t forget to give credit to where it’s due!

Like Drake once said, you only live once. And he’s actually spot on. You only have this life. Make the most of it. Tomorrow you’ll be a day older. Do whatever it is you want to do. Do it riiiight now. Don’t let anything stop you. Girl, do something crazy for a change!!



PS – Drop a comment below about what ‘crazy thing’ this blog made you want to do! I want to hear about it!!

PPS – I am not responsible for anything you do that is outrageously crazy, keep that in mind!! Don’t break the law on my behalf and definitely don’t get yourself (or anyone else, goodness gracious) hurt or killed!!!!! Stay tame, but stay wild!

2 replies on “Girl, Do Something Crazy”

Girl, I have done crazy and for the most part it has worked out,
Caution however, crazy only works if you are sure that you do no harm.
Love your thought process

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I love this! So often people don’t go beyond their comfort zone and try new things. Looking forward to hearing updates – girl, you got this!

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