Girl, Drink Your Water

“…but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

-John 4:14

“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load, and improve the function of all your tissues.”

-Dr. Kevin R. Stone

If you’ve been around since the beginning, you might recall I posted a similar post last summer. I was recently reminded of this specific post thanks to a trip to Harris Teeter. The guy who rung up my items was very talkative. Nice guy, just a little awkward. [This is so irrelevant but I want to throw it out there to emphasize just how awkward. He thought my 11 year old cousin with me was my DAUGHTER. Granted, I had a mask on for #safety reasons, but sir, excuse me, I am twenty twoooooo!! Also, for more context, he was probably 16 years old, so I might have looked old to him, whatever.] Ok back to the story. He made multiple comments about the items I was purchasing, which, again, is definitely slightly weird, but we’ll let it slide. One of the items he commented on was my applesauce. More specifically, the strawberry and mango peach applesauce. He found flavored applesauce very intriguing. He mentioned how lots of companies are adding different flavors to their products in attempts to keep people buying their products. Probably true. He brought up coke. He went on and on about how his mom only drinks coke and the grocery store was out of her favorite flavor which made her upset so she bought another flavor that she really likes now and all is happy, blah blah. ANYWHO, in order to get him to quit talking and to keep ringing up my items, I made the comment about how I don’t drink sodas, I only drink water, so I wouldn’t know what he’s talking about. Truthfully, I really don’t know about flavored sodas. The only reason I know there’s flavored sodas are due to the coke machines inside Qdoba and Moes that my dad always gets vanilla coke from. He was shocked that I only drink water. He threw out a bunch of drinks, all to which I don’t drink. To make this long story short(ish), he got me thinking back to this blog. I think that though months may have passed since I originally posted this blog, the message is still the same.

Have you been told to drink 64 ounces (~4 water bottles) of water a day? Chances are, you have. Doctors, nutritionists, athletes, heck maybe even your boss recommends drinking X amount of water a day. That’s because water is so good for you. If you’ve really never heard this, and even if you have, here’s a few reasons why you should be drinking your water daily.

  • Reason 1 – Water cleanses your body and removes negative toxins. Have you ever been sick and had the doctor tell you to drink more water? Probably! That’s because water really does cleanse your system! Dr. Kevin Stone, an MD in San Francisco (and fingers crossed, all doctors), agrees. He says that water ‘wash[es] out your insides”. In other words, as water travels through your body, it grabs on to those negative toxins and later empties your body of them. (A little ew, I know, sorry.) Think of the analogy of washing a dirty dinner plate. When a plate is dirty, you use water to rinse off the dirt to make it clean again. If your body is ‘dirty’ (sick), water will rinse the ‘dirt’ out of your body to make you ‘clean’ (healthy) again!
  • Reason 2 – Water improves the functions of all your tissues. Emphasis on all. Have you ever been sunburnt and been told to drink water? This is because water hydrates your skin tissues, rejuvenating and healing them quicker. The same goes for every other tissue cell in your body, including your brain and muscles. A hydrated brain is sharper and quicker than a non-hydrated brain. Hydrated muscles are able to both perform better and recover quicker than non-hydrated muscles. Think of a water slide. A water slide without water is just rough. There’s a lot of uncomfortable rubbing, the burning sensation of bare skin on plastic, and not a lot of sliding. A water slide just doesn’t work without water. But if you add water, bingo. All of a sudden, things are working and you’re sliding instead of burning your skin! If you give your brain, muscles, and tissues the water they need to function, they’re going to work a whole heck of a lot better than without that water.
  • Water fills you up. At some point or another, you’ve probably eaten too much food in one sitting and then felt so bloated afterwards. I know I have. So whether you’re looking to prevent yourself from overeating, quit the afternoon munchies, or lose a few pounds, drink a glass of water before your meals. If you look on practically any weight loss regime anywhere, it says to drink 8 ounces of water before your meals. It might sound dumb, but it really isn’t. If you fill yourself up with water before you eat, there will be less room in your stomach to fill with food. If you have an empty jar, you can fill it with a lot of food. If that same jar now has water in it, there’s less space left in the jar for the food. It’s simple science. Or math. However you wanna look at it. Either way, drinking water before meals reduces the amount of food you intake which then leads to lower caloric intake which then leads to (1) the end of overeating and the bloating that comes with it and (2) potential weight loss (if that’s your goal).

The list of benefits to drinking water goes on and on. It’s easy to know why we should drink water, but doing the actual water drinking is the not so easy part. It doesn’t seem terribly difficult to drink 64 ounces of water per day. But thanks to coffee, tea, soda, juices, and other drinks, our water intake can be hindered, not allowing us to meet that 64 ounce marker.

For going on 8 or 9 years, water has been my sole liquid consumption on a daily basis. Occasionally around my birthday I’ll let myself have a cheertwine, my absolute favorite soda, but that’s for a special occasion. (Also for you non-North Carolina natives, cheerwine is a North Carolina born soda that in my opinion, is the best ever.) Only drinking water can be a challenge, especially if you’re an avid coffee, tea, or soda drinker. Compared to those drinks, water can be so bland or boring. But it has less sugars than any other drink (it’s sugar free ;)), it’s beneficial to your body in numerous ways, and if you go out to a restaurant, it’s (probably) the only free drink on the menu. Below are 3 tips and tricks I implement on a daily basis to make drinking water easier.

  • Tip 1- Replace a cup of coffee with a caffeine water packet. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, I actually really dislike it, but I’ve found myself needing caffeine some mornings. So what’s a girl to do if she hates coffee but really needs some caffeine? Crystal light water flavoring packet! Each packet contains 60 mg of caffeine. This is a little less than a typical cup of coffee, which contains 95 mg on average (according to the google). If those 35 mg of caffeine make a difference to you, feel free to add another half packet into your water. That will make your water’s caffeine quantity equivalent to one cup of coffee for significantly less calories, less sugars, and significantly more benefits! Just a warning – one and a half packets will make your water flavor stronger, but that might be worth it to you for that caffeine intake.
  • Tip 2 – Ditch the soda and flavor your water with a non-caffeinated water packet. Maybe you don’t need nor want the caffeine, but would enjoy a little flavor to your water. I’m in the same boat, sister. Crystal light, and many other companies, has regular water flavor packets in addition to their caffeine flavors. A few of my favorites are fruit punch, raspberry iced tea, and my absolute favorite, peach iced tea. I seriously could drink a flavored water every single day (and honestly, some days I do). They are so darn flavorful and tasty with all the benefits of water but with less calories and sugar! Pro tip – the pitcher sized water packets taste better due to a water/powder ratio, but the single to-go packets work perfectly for a to-go kind of day. I regularly use both!
  • Tip 3- Buy a sturdy reusable water bottle. This is practically a must if you want to be an avid water drinker. Reusable water bottles allow you to fill up and drink more water throughout the day. It’s so easy to throw away a plastic water bottle when you are finished, but throwing it away restricts the amount of water you drink the rest of the day. A reusable water bottle is made for, well, reusing, and allows you to sip water throughout the day. You can drink 8 ounces before breakfast, 8 ounce before lunch, 8 ounces in the afternoon, and maybe even 8 ounces before dinner all with the same water bottle. That’s 32 ounces of water, right there alone, half of the recommended daily intake. A reusable water bottle is a no brainer in my book. How quick are you to buy a reusable coffee mug? Do the same for a water bottle! Plus, by using a reusable bottle, you’re ultimately using and trashing less plastic which benefits the environment, woohoo! Basically, it’s a win win.

These 3 tips helped me ditch other drinks for a more water filled life. If you need to drink more water, and if you’re being honest with yourself, you probably do, these tips can help you get there. I’m telling you, the water packets are just as flavorful as a soda, maybe even more so. Your body won’t notice a difference between the coffee caffeine and the water packet caffeine because it’s still caffeine!! Ditch your other liquids and give water a try. Your body, your brain, your muscles, your skin, your everything will thank you.

Okay, the scripture verse for today. I left this for the end of today’s blog because this scripture verse is packed with information. And I mean packed. I know, this blog is running a little long, but stick with me here. Just this single verse doesn’t give you the whole context, so let me set the scene real quick. (Heads up, this will be a very summarized version of John 4 so feel free to read the whole chapter to understand more details). It starts off with Jesus traveling from Judea and headed toward Galilee. He is thirsty from all the walking and decides to stop in a town called Samaria. In the town square, there’s a well for water. He doesn’t have a bucket to drop down into the well, so he waits for someone to come along. Shortly thereafter, a woman shows up. Little does she know, her world is about to be rocked. Jesus is a Jew and the woman is a Samaritan. In those days, Jews (minus Jesus) chose not to mingle with Samaritans, so when Jesus asks her to draw some water for him, she is shocked. She asks him who he thinks he is that he would ask a Samaritan woman for water. He then says to the woman that if only she knew who he was, she would have given him water without him asking. In return, he would have given her living water. She, confused, points out that he doesn’t have anything to draw water with and asks where this living water can be found. He responds in verse 13 saying “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again…” and then into our verse 14, “but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” He then goes on to prove of his omniscience and to declare He is the Messiah.

Okay so now that we have context to our verse, let’s get right to the point. Water is needed for survival, I think that’s pretty evident to everyone alive. You cannot survive very long without water, no one can. If you’re lucky, you might last a few days, but only a few. In other words, no water = no life. The same goes for Jesus. You simply cannot survive without Jesus. He offers living water that will literally save your life. In other words, no Jesus = no life. Though water is only a physical representative of the water Jesus Christ offers, His water is a not actually physical, but a spiritual water. In terms of this earth, water is our source of life. Again, no water = no life on earth. In terms of eternity, Jesus is our source of life. Again once more, no Jesus = no life in eternity. The context is different, but the meaning the same. Without Jesus, just like without water, you will have death. Jesus’s water is the only true water; no other water will give life in eternity. You can drink all the physical water in the world, but if you don’t drink of the living water that Jesus offers, you won’t have eternal life with Him in Heaven. Would you totally neglect your physical body of water? No way, Jose! So then don’t neglect your eternal body of water. One of these waters will keep you living here on this earth. The other water, Jesus’s water, will provide you with life eternal. So girl, drink your water, both of them!



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